Circle of Life

wreathpageWreaths prepared from evergreen branches in winter have long been used to symbolize the circle of life. A fun project with family is to make your own wreath for the front door at Christmastime to welcome visitors to your home.  Your parents can buy a blank wreath or prepare one from scratch using a metal wreath ring, evergreen branches and wire.

Once you have your wreath, you can then add all sorts of elements from nature to it. Go outside and look around in the fall. You may find acorns and leaves and pine cones. Perhaps you have a flower garden from which you can take and dry flower heads. Queen Anne’s lace (a wildflower) is particularly pretty for use on wreaths.  If you have a food drier, you can dry flowers that way, as well as slices of fruit for your wreath.

There are also other evergreen plants from which you can take small clippings. Use your imagination and decorate your wreath in your own celebration of life. Some of the items you use may invite small birds to feast in winter—a wonderful way to share your bounty with nature!

C is for Christmas cover 2015Merry Christmas and a peaceful, joyous New Year!


The above is an excerpt from my little e-book, C is for Christmas, a compilation of the ABC’s of Christmas, folklore and crafts for the young and the young-at-heart. Available at

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