as celia ashley


 “T’is now the very witching hour of night…” 

William Shakespeare – Hamlet (1601)

writing as Celia Ashley

Dark Tides

DARK TIDES, Book I of the Dark Tides Series

“A darkly seductive tale filled with unpredictable twists and turns. . .A smoothly written and creatively detailed thrill ride.” –Affaire de Coeur, 4 Stars and Reviewer’s Pick

“A top-notch tale filled with danger and mystery, all wrapped around a spicy romance.” –Romance Reviews Today

“An incredible riveting story, Dark Tides takes the reader on a turbulent ride of intense emotions blended with suspenseful mystery.” –Romance at Heart

The depths of the ocean hide more secrets than one…
When a man without a memory washes up outside her lonely seaside cottage, Meg can’t explain the connection she feels to him. She should be afraid, suspicious, even angry that he would disturb her hard-won peace. But something about Caleb Hunter calls to her. On instinct, Meg asks this stranger into her home, her life–into the place left vacant by her dead husband, who drowned at sea a year to the day before Caleb appeared.

But something isn’t right. Half-buried memories begin to haunt Meg’s dreams, Caleb seems to know things he can’t possibly know, and there are signs that someone else is watching them, someone with a heart as cold as the sea…

AshleyCelia_StormSurge webSTORM SURGE, Book II of the Dark Tides Series

Named after a goddess who turns her lovers to stone, an insular New England coastal town holds more secrets than it can keep…

Torn from her hometown and her father as a child, Paige Waters’ last memory of both is fraught with mystery and confusion. Now, sixteen years later, with both her parents gone, Paige returns to Alcina Cove, certain there is more to the painful story than she’s been led to believe. The answers must lie within the community, buffered from the larger world by the sea; but when she finds the townspeople more reticent than ever, her only hope is the intriguing man who lives in her childhood home–if she can break down his reserve…

A fisherman turned writer, Liam Gray is haunted by secrets of his own, some of which are deeply entangled with the closure Paige seeks. But as he and Paige grow intimate, their attraction building, Liam finds himself torn between truth and betrayal. Whichever he chooses will risk his future with Paige and cause someone pain–until an even greater danger leaves him no choice…

Comes the DarkCOMES THE DARK, Book III of the Dark Tides Series

Hauntingly beautiful, Alcina Cove lures many into its lovely port. But these days, the coastal New England town’s allure could be deadly….

Drawn back to Alcina Cove by an ominous dream, Maris Granger hopes to reconcile with her beloved but long-estranged Aunt Alva. Sadly, Maris discovers Alva has died under mysterious circumstances, destroying any hope for closure. Bereft and vulnerable, Maris finds shelter in the arms of the sexy, stalwart cop handling the case. But loving Detective Dan Stauffer feels like a betrayal of Aunt Alva’s memory, especially when the stubborn lawman denies her sinister suspicions about her aunt’s death.

Falling for Maris is easy. Believing in the “clues” the dark-haired beauty swears will solve her aunt’s murder is another story. Dan isn’t about to let go of reason when it comes to solving the biggest case of his career. But when Maris is suddenly pegged as the prime suspect, Dan is ready to do anything to keep her safe, no matter what dark truths emerge….

The Other Side of SilenceTHE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE

“…a wonderful tale that kept this reader spellbound…” Cherokee – Coffee Time Romance reviewer

Sunny O’Connell wants nothing more than to get on with her life, plain and simple. When her ex-husband shows up to assist her in cleaning up after storm damage, he brings a stranger to her property to lend a hand. Meeting Roger Macleod for the first time, Sunny is taken by his good looks, his gentle straightforward manner, the rumbling quality of his voice, despite her determination to keep her life free of male complications. Companionship and chemistry turn into something deeper as Sunny and Roger move quietly toward a future together. Unfortunately, they find themselves thwarted by a past that won’t leave Sunny alone, and Roger’s own mysterious past that has left him on the other side of silence for longer than memory has existed.

Emerald Twilight kindleEMERALD TWILIGHT

This soft sci-fi/fantasy romance is a serial, with each book a complete season of installments — roughly the equivalent of a novella for each season at ninety-nine cents. There are five seasons in all, but for those of you who would rather not wait, this is the bundled edition, which includes all five seasons and a bonus back story installment.

To survive on the prison planet known as “The Emerald” a desert warrior must rely on her wits and the one person she shouldn’t — the dark Drifter who betrayed her…

Determined to rid himself of his bond-wife now that she has outlasted her usefulness, the Revered Arad Stern seeks the services of the Drifter, Burke Conlan, for the job. Despite his reluctance, Burke’s small daughter has made him vulnerable. Sterne’s former wife, Hallandra Irese, desert warrior, had become complacent in her marriage, forsaking the traditions of her Clan. However, when she finds herself incarcerated on Zebulon—a prison planet referred to as “The Emerald”—she understands she must recapture her formers strengths or die. Banding together with a mystic, a gambler, and the very Drifter who betrayed her, Hallie determines not only to fight for freedom, but to save Burke Conlan’s daughter from her former husband, a man who holds the highest office in Talia.


Midnight Hearts“…will mesmerize the reader from the very first pages…hauntingly beautiful and HOT…” Marilyn Rondeau – Romance Designs

“…an enticing tale that will leave readers wanting more…Paranormal fans will not want to miss this book!” JoAnn – Fallen AngelReviews

“…intriguing…dandy of a thriller…”  Donna M. Brown -Romantic Times BookClub

Are Perry and Ethan bound by love or a spirit’s ageless desire?

Returning to the Pennsylvania home she has inherited, Perry Madison is faced with an attic full of childhood memories and the forgotten lure of the cave behind the falls. Soon Perry is possessed both body and soul by the spirit who dwells in the water-filled darkness–until the arrival of Ethan Taylor, a man most definitely of flesh and blood. When Perry fears the spirit is manipulating the two of them in order to relive former delights, she and Ethan race to unearth the shrouded secrets of the past and discover that what the spirit truly desires has nothing to do with passion.