I Knew in a Moment

I Knew in a Moment – Book II of the Connor Falls Christmas Romance Series coming soon

An early December snowstorm compels Nikki Sharp to seek refuge in Connor Falls, where she decides to hide out for the remainder of the holiday season. All Nikki ever wanted was an uncomplicated life where she could take pride in her work, where her days moved at less than a hundred miles an hour, and where men didn’t plow through her existence and ask questions later. It seems Connor Falls may be able to offer her that very thing—until she meets Rory Hollis, a carpenter with a chip on his shoulder and sadness in his soul. Forced by circumstance to work side by side with him, Nikki discovers there is more to Rory Hollis than he lets others see. However, helping the man find his way back into the world where family and friends—and now Nikki Sharp—are waiting, may take a Christmas miracle.

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