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I share my humble abode with cats and dogs, and this article is spot-on for protecting your beloved fuzzy family from the hazards that can exist for them in your very own backyard (and also protect your backyard from the damage they sometimes perpetrate however, ahem, innocently).

This worn-out cliché has come to be known by all as a reference to being quick to judge people, places and things by outward appearance, without giving them a real chance. As readers we take this adage to heart, sometimes without meaning to—it can’t be helped. We are drawn to what attracts us through our […]

I’ve decided to document the rebirth of the front garden (for starters—I may move on to brave the shed garden, the shade garden, the don’t-sit-under-the-apple-tree garden). It’s also a tale of my own rebirthing, from a rather nasty depression into the symbolically hopeful, soul-nurturing act of gardening.

You’ll find quite a few of my blogs are about gardening. I love flowers, I love to garden. This article I found on describes garden designs for spaces you might not usually think of, right down to the types of flowers depicted in each. You don’t need a lot of space to place a […]

Falling water, green shade—above, the bells will toll the hour in echo of younger days. Sleep well, dearest old friend. We will meet again, and remember.