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What’s a Facebook failure you might ask? If there were a picture of me somewhere on this website, you’d be looking at it. I started with Facebook some years back at the behest of my publisher. You know, need to make those social media contacts, after all, and toot your own horn about your “accomplishments”. […]

The breeze blew gently but rather steadily yesterday, especially across the open fields. As the air pushed through the corn it created a lovely sound like rushing water. I stood for quite a while listening and couldn’t help but smile as nature once again lifted my spirits.

These are unprecedented times, causing everyone to rethink their lives, to deal with stressors that come with monumental change. For those who are suffering the trauma of lack of income (rather than someone who is working from home), some ideas listed are probably not feasible, but the main consideration of change within the home to […]

This is a blog I did for the website of the writers group I belong to (Pocono Lehigh Writers Group) and I decided to re-post it here since, again, I am way behind on my blogging… Humans are social by nature…or at least that’s what I’ve always heard. Writers, however, spend much of their time […]

I’m so behind on blogging, but I did see this wonderful article and figured I’d post it here. I can’t claim any of these ideas as my own, though, dang it. They’re beautiful and none of them look all that difficult to achieve. Happy holidays, folks!

It seems we’ve taken a while to get here, but I believe we’re ready to begin.  Remember, there really is no exact or right way to do this.  Every wreath I’ve made looks nothing like any of the others. They are all different. It is the nature of nature. The main thing is this: secure […]