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If you’re like me, you hold onto Christmas cards from prior years, either because they have meaning to you, or because they are too cute or beautiful to toss into the recycling. Or both. Below is an excerpt from my craft book, 12 Days of Christmas Projects, showing you how to recycle those Christmas cards […]

It’s never too early to get organized for the holidays, even in 2020. We’re all already stressed out enough, and we certainly shouldn’t let the holidays do us in. I came across this common sense article which had a lot of helpful tips and a lot of nice photos 🙂

I don’t particularly care for warm November days. I like my Novembers a bit on the chilly side, a precursor to winter. However, these past few days have been extremely warm and, due to the humidity and the temperature forming a perfect balance (according to the weatherman) the mornings have been foggy. What I do […]

I just found this crafter on YouTube. Who would have thought something so cute could be created using rice, socks and hot glue? And she does it in fifteen minutes or less! I love the backdrop in the lead-in. All those items on the shelves are simply wonderful. I’m a wee bit jealous, lol.

This is an excerpt from my how-to Christmas craft book, 12 Days of Christmas Projects, which is available now at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other on-line retailers, as well as for order from your local bookstore (support local!). Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men are iconic when it comes to the holidays. This gingerbread man […]

I’ve only had two trick-or-treaters in the twenty years I’ve lived in my present home. I stopped decorating for Halloween these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the innovative, downright fun displays in this blog reposted from Houzz. I especially like the first one. How spooky that would be on a dark night!

Yes, I know, that’s not a coffee pot above. But, as you’ll soon find out, I’m not what you’d call a coffee drinker.  I can honestly say I have about three or four cups of coffee a year and usually don’t finish the cup. And still, I occasionally crave it. Not sure why, exactly. I’ve […]

What’s a Facebook failure you might ask? If there were a picture of me somewhere on this website, you’d be looking at it. I started with Facebook some years back at the behest of my publisher. You know, need to make those social media contacts, after all, and toot your own horn about your “accomplishments”. […]