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I have the various containers, now all I have to do is replant them with some of these fabulous fall flowers and greens. I removed all the dead summer plants (my garden and planters didn’t fare too well this year) and will replace them with something like these. I can feel my face converting to […]

I hope you enjoy this last excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. Cold pressure prevented Perry lifting her eyelids. She brought her hands up, clawing, fumbling, panic filling her as she struggled with what ended up being nothing more sinister than a washcloth over her eyes. Dangling the dripping cloth, she […]

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. Ethan heard water. Loud water. He bounded up between rocks to a stony ascent, perspiration dripping between his shoulder blades. The trail ended at a steep drop, a creek running swiftly over large boulders below. On the opposite side, spraying […]

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. “Now hast thou but one bare hour to live, And then thou must be damned perpetually, Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven, That time may cease, and midnight never come.” Christopher Marlowe 1564-93 Doctor Faustus (1604) Ethan swung the […]

Interview with Ethan Taylor, male protagonist from Past Sins, available now from Amazon. Me:      Welcome, Ethan. Thank you so much for coming out of your usual habitat to join me today. Ethan:  No thanks needed. Happy to do this. Me:      I must say, you are a rather scrumptious looking fellow. Ethan:  Excuse me? Me:      (coughing) […]

I don’t know about all of you, but here in Pennsylvania my gardens are drowning, (well, they were–right now they’re out there gasping for air like the rest of us) and look like holy hell. My deck is without furniture, because I really haven’t been able to use it, and as for a patio, well, […]

Well, sort of, anyway. The past few years, I have found driving in the snow a bit annoying, especially when the weather is unexpected, the roads aren’t cleared, cars are in places they have no business being, and a one to one-and-a-quarter hour commute from work to home can take upwards of four.  But I […]