The Other Side of Silence

The Other Side of Silence – available now from Amazon

“…a wonderful tale that kept this reader spellbound…” Cherokee – Coffee Time Romance reviewer

Sunny O’Connell wants nothing more than to get on with her life, plain and simple. When her ex-husband shows up to assist her in cleaning up after storm damage, he brings a stranger to her property to lend a hand. Meeting Roger Macleod for the first time, Sunny is taken by his good looks, his gentle straightforward manner, the rumbling quality of his voice, despite her determination to keep her life free of male complications. Companionship and chemistry turn into something deeper as Sunny and Roger move quietly toward a future together. Unfortunately, they find themselves thwarted by a past that won’t leave Sunny alone, and Roger’s own mysterious past that has left him on the other side of silence for longer than memory has existed.

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