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Note: This blog was updated on March 5, 2021 Humans are social by nature…or at least that’s what I’ve always heard. Me, maybe not so much. I am, after all, a writer, and writers spend much of their time working in their own private spaces, in their own heads, plugging along at a solitary pursuit. […]

I’m so behind on blogging, but I did see this wonderful article and figured I’d post it here. I can’t claim any of these ideas as my own, though, dang it. They’re beautiful and none of them look all that difficult to achieve. Happy holidays, folks!

It seems we’ve taken a while to get here, but I believe we’re ready to begin.  Remember, there really is no exact or right way to do this.  Every wreath I’ve made looks nothing like any of the others. They are all different. It is the nature of nature. The main thing is this: secure […]

It may seem a bit early for this type of blog, but honestly, Christmas will be upon us sooner than we can blink. In addition, you will need to start gathering some of the materials for your wreath now with the onset of Autumn. I don’t purport to be an expert at wreath-making, but I […]

I have the various containers, now all I have to do is replant them with some of these fabulous fall flowers and greens. I removed all the dead summer plants (my garden and planters didn’t fare too well this year) and will replace them with something like these. I can feel my face converting to […]

I hope you enjoy this last excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. Cold pressure prevented Perry lifting her eyelids. She brought her hands up, clawing, fumbling, panic filling her as she struggled with what ended up being nothing more sinister than a washcloth over her eyes. Dangling the dripping cloth, she […]