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I don’t know about all of you, but here in Pennsylvania my gardens are drowning, (well, they were–right now they’re out there gasping for air like the rest of us) and look like holy hell. My deck is without furniture, because I really haven’t been able to use it, and as for a patio, well, […]

Well, sort of, anyway. The past few years, I have found driving in the snow a bit annoying, especially when the weather is unexpected, the roads aren’t cleared, cars are in places they have no business being, and a one to one-and-a-quarter hour commute from work to home can take upwards of four.  But I […]

A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore (a little fun for the holidays with this great holiday classic) Merry Christmas, everyone! You all know the poem, but I added a variety of my own illustrations to this blog for fun. One day I would like to illustrate the entire poem in the manner […]

Chapter Three As she zipped up her coat, Allie reminded Todd to pull the a-frame sign from the sidewalk before he locked up. The newest books in their stock were listed on the sign. She’d decorated the corners with holly leaves and berries depicted in green and red chalk which had been scuffed off in […]

Chapter Two continued… Lydia was unusually silent in the truck’s passenger seat. Luke glanced at her several times, trying to gauge what she might be thinking. “Pumpkin—” “Did you really kiss the bookstore lady?” Crud. Was that what she was thinking about? “I did. We were very young.” “What about Mommy?” “I hadn’t even met […]

Chapter Two Allie realized straightaway she should have just let him introduce himself and be done with it. Sometimes she didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. She understood that, and yet she still managed to open her mouth and stick her foot in on a regular basis. She watched his hand drop from […]