“To see a world  in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower…”

William Blake “Auguries of Innocence” (c. 1803)

I write–a lot.  Sometimes the things I write actually get published, either through traditional means or because I self-publish certain novels on my own.

Writing under my own name, Robin Maderich, I have written historical romances (although one was under the pen name, Alyssa Deane) and the self-published Connor Falls Christmas Romance Series. Connor Falls is a construct of my imagination, although it garners part of its charm from the rural village where I live now spliced with the splendid epicenter of Bucks County, Pennsylvania – Doylestown. Connor Falls is not marked so clearly with the hustle of the latter, however. Each story in the series is filled with hope and love, two things we really can’t do without, no matter where we reside.

As Celia Ashley, I engage my darker side, crafting tales of the supernatural–ghosts, possession, the Sight, elementals–but always love. The joys of love prevail in all my stories, but not without a bit of heartache along the way.

And most recently, I have begun writing as Jo Allen Ash, making my debut as a young adult author with the release of The Shadows We Make.

So please, feel free to utilize the menu at the top to check further into what I have written. Let me know what you think. I welcome and value feedback.


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