Hurry Home For Christmas Excerpt 3

Chapter Two Driving into town in a rented Chevy two days later, Eve realized even the name, Connor Falls, sounded ridiculously close to the Bedford Falls from the classic Christmas movie. The small town might even have passed for a movie set with its long, quaint main street, original turn-of-the-last-century homes planted in narrow sideContinue reading “Hurry Home For Christmas Excerpt 3”

Hurry Home for Christmas Excerpt 2

continued from Monday… Eve could tell by Stanley’s expression he’d already moved on in his head to time constraints and production and perhaps the bottle in his desk. She waited until he had fully retreated behind his closed door before reaching into her top drawer for a needle and thread. She tossed her coat onContinue reading “Hurry Home for Christmas Excerpt 2”

Milkshakes & Memories

On the 2nd of June, I drove up to Secaucus, New Jersey, parked in the hot parking lot, and headed on over to the train station. I felt rather proud of my confidence as I purchased my round trip ticket to Penn Station, stood with the rest of the people waiting for the train, and boarded. WhenContinue reading “Milkshakes & Memories”

Fenwick, Food and Family

Stepping out onto the screened porch very early this morning, I gasped as my lungs sucked in the cloying atmosphere. Nevertheless, I closed the door to the air-conditioned house behind me and continued toward a chair. The moist carpet stuck to my bare feet when I crossed it and the freshly-applied lotion on my handsContinue reading “Fenwick, Food and Family”