Setting Up Your Home to Reduce Stress – reblog

These are unprecedented times, causing everyone to rethink their lives, to deal with stressors that come with monumental change. For those who are suffering the trauma of lack of income (rather than someone who is working from home), some ideas listed are probably not feasible, but the main consideration of change within the home toContinue reading “Setting Up Your Home to Reduce Stress – reblog”

Follow the Firefly and Run, Rabbit, Run! by Bernard Carvalho (Book Island Books)

Originally posted on picture books blogger:
Here is a book which you can read from front to back AND from back to front, we kid you not! We love it when we find something we’ve never seen before, or that is quite different from the norm and this ticks all of our boxes and the some.…

10 Favorite Holiday Movies I’d Watch Any Time of the Year

This may seem a little late in the season, but as the title says–I’d watch them any time of the year. Does anyone care? Probably not. But I would highly recommend all of them. Here goes, and not necessarily in this particular order (and please remember, this is only my personal opinion, so no needContinue reading “10 Favorite Holiday Movies I’d Watch Any Time of the Year”

Wreath-Making 101, Part 2 – It All Comes Together

It seems we’ve taken a while to get here, but I believe we’re ready to begin.  Remember, there really is no exact or right way to do this.  Every wreath I’ve made looks nothing like any of the others. They are all different. It is the nature of nature. The main thing is this: secureContinue reading “Wreath-Making 101, Part 2 – It All Comes Together”

Wreath-Making 101, Part 1 – Gathering Your Material

It may seem a bit early for this type of blog, but honestly, Christmas will be upon us sooner than we can blink. In addition, you will need to start gathering some of the materials for your wreath now with the onset of Autumn. I don’t purport to be an expert at wreath-making, but IContinue reading “Wreath-Making 101, Part 1 – Gathering Your Material”

Fall Container Gardens (re-blog)

I have the various containers, now all I have to do is replant them with some of these fabulous fall flowers and greens. I removed all the dead summer plants (my garden and planters didn’t fare too well this year) and will replace them with something like these. I can feel my face converting toContinue reading “Fall Container Gardens (re-blog)”