continued from Monday… Eve could tell by Stanley’s expression he’d already moved on in his head to time constraints and production and perhaps the bottle in his desk. She waited until he had fully retreated behind his closed door before reaching into her top drawer for a needle and thread. She tossed her coat on […]

  Chapter One Eve glared at the elevator call button in frustration. What mental abilities might it take to will the elevator down from the upper floors? With arms so full she didn’t dare attempt to move a single package, she glanced around for the usual jostling crowd fighting for entry into the cubicle. In […]

In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share. The very first suggestion about playing Scrabble or Harry Potter Clue on a Tuesday night inspired me right away, lol. Happy reading!  

There was no levee. I only liked the sound of it as a title, while the Led Zeppelin song played in my head. What broke loose was a raincloud of immense capacity, which caused the worst flooding of the Hosensack Creek that I have seen in the nearly two decades I’ve lived here. My neighbor said […]

I went to a show at the Sellersville Theater last night. My very first time there. As it is only thirty-five minutes from my house, I can’t help wondering why I haven’t visited this venue in the past. The place is, as the name suggests, a theater, with theater seats and cabaret-style tables up front by the stage. […]

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I love writing—which is lucky for me as I’ve written (and co-written) eleven novels, eight novellas, and too many short stories to count over the past five years. I’ve also had to revise and then edit all of those books, and that’s the part I don’t love. Over time, I’ve…

A short ride from my home (or an ambitious walk) is a view across the valley to the hills. In this photo the hills are blue with distance, although on sunny days one might find them green with the trees that clothe them. A short downpour had just ended as I arrived and I happily climbed from my […]