Past Sins – Chapter One, Part Three

I hope you enjoy this last excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. Cold pressure prevented Perry lifting her eyelids. She brought her hands up, clawing, fumbling, panic filling her as she struggled with what ended up being nothing more sinister than a washcloth over her eyes. Dangling the dripping cloth, sheContinue reading “Past Sins – Chapter One, Part Three”

Past Sins – Chapter One, Part Two

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. Ethan heard water. Loud water. He bounded up between rocks to a stony ascent, perspiration dripping between his shoulder blades. The trail ended at a steep drop, a creek running swiftly over large boulders below. On the opposite side, sprayingContinue reading “Past Sins – Chapter One, Part Two”

Past Sins – Chapter One, Part One

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Past Sins, available now in e-book on Amazon. “Now hast thou but one bare hour to live, And then thou must be damned perpetually, Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven, That time may cease, and midnight never come.” Christopher Marlowe 1564-93 Doctor Faustus (1604) Ethan swung theContinue reading “Past Sins – Chapter One, Part One”

It’s a Love-Hate Thing…

Well, sort of, anyway. The past few years, I have found driving in the snow a bit annoying, especially when the weather is unexpected, the roads aren’t cleared, cars are in places they have no business being, and a one to one-and-a-quarter hour commute from work to home can take upwards of four.  But IContinue reading “It’s a Love-Hate Thing…”

Winter Light, Excerpt #5

Chapter Three As she zipped up her coat, Allie reminded Todd to pull the a-frame sign from the sidewalk before he locked up. The newest books in their stock were listed on the sign. She’d decorated the corners with holly leaves and berries depicted in green and red chalk which had been scuffed off inContinue reading “Winter Light, Excerpt #5”

Winter Light, Excerpt #4

Chapter Two continued… Lydia was unusually silent in the truck’s passenger seat. Luke glanced at her several times, trying to gauge what she might be thinking. “Pumpkin—” “Did you really kiss the bookstore lady?” Crud. Was that what she was thinking about? “I did. We were very young.” “What about Mommy?” “I hadn’t even metContinue reading “Winter Light, Excerpt #4”

Winter Light, Excerpt #3

Chapter Two Allie realized straightaway she should have just let him introduce himself and be done with it. Sometimes she didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. She understood that, and yet she still managed to open her mouth and stick her foot in on a regular basis. She watched his hand drop fromContinue reading “Winter Light, Excerpt #3”

Winter Light, Excerpt #2

Excerpt #2 (Chapter One continued) Luke hung up the phone. He pushed his palm across his head, fingers dragging through disheveled hair. “Damn it.” Snatching his coat from the rack by the door, Luke swore again. He shoved his arms into the garment, the fabric still chilled from his recent trek among the douglas firs.Continue reading “Winter Light, Excerpt #2”

Winter Light, Excerpt #1

As Winter Light is a novella, these excerpts will be short, but sweet. There will be one every day this week, though, starting with this one. Chapter One On her knees in the barren display window, Allie considered the challenge of vacant space. If nothing else, it could be a great topic for her nextContinue reading “Winter Light, Excerpt #1”

Hurry Home For Christmas Excerpt 3

Chapter Two Driving into town in a rented Chevy two days later, Eve realized even the name, Connor Falls, sounded ridiculously close to the Bedford Falls from the classic Christmas movie. The small town might even have passed for a movie set with its long, quaint main street, original turn-of-the-last-century homes planted in narrow sideContinue reading “Hurry Home For Christmas Excerpt 3”