Fall Container Gardens (re-blog)

I have the various containers, now all I have to do is replant them with some of these fabulous fall flowers and greens. I removed all the dead summer plants (my garden and planters didn’t fare too well this year) and will replace them with something like these. I can feel my face converting toContinue reading “Fall Container Gardens (re-blog)”

Life’s Little Surprises

Somehow, in the craziness of trying to accomplish all I’ve set myself this summer, I had forgotten my little pond out front. Not that I’d actually forgotten it’s existence. Fixing or removing the waterfall and making changes to the layout of this small body of water is on my to-do list. I’ve underlined that chore multipleContinue reading “Life’s Little Surprises”

Garden Restoration, Part I

I’ve decided to document the rebirth of the front garden (for starters—I may move on to brave the shed garden, the shade garden, the don’t-sit-under-the-apple-tree garden). It’s also a tale of my own rebirthing, from a rather nasty depression into the symbolically hopeful, soul-nurturing act of gardening.

Peony Perfection

I’m a little behind in my blogging, but I thought I would share these two photos of lovely white blooms I brought indoors a couple of weeks back. Alas, the bountiful rain and hot, humid days have all but eliminated my peonies outdoors. Those flowers I placed in a green glass container (as I had noContinue reading “Peony Perfection”

Poppy Love

It seems the weather is finally giving way to Spring, the season I love best. I dread as much as anticipate all the hard work weeding, mulching, digging, but I know it’s for a good cause. Blooms, blooms and more blooms. Some time ago, I planted poppies and for three years they didn’t do aContinue reading “Poppy Love”