Ah, that Dickens…

    Ah, that Dickens…   Charles Dickens has always been one of my favorite authors and certainly a man ahead of his time. In Victorian England, Dickens funded a periodical in which literature of the day appeared in serial installments, including Dickens’ own with the debut serial release of A Tale of Two Cities.Continue reading “Ah, that Dickens…”

Saturday’s Adventure or, Apparently, All Roads Lead to Hell

Well, not hell, exactly. Unless hell is lush and green and sparsely populated… Hell, in this instance, was not a location, but the Twilight Zone experience of my ride this morning to the Lehighton area. My fault, it was pointed out, for trusting the GPS. But the purpose of a GPS is navigation and soContinue reading “Saturday’s Adventure or, Apparently, All Roads Lead to Hell”

Visiting old friends

I grew up in Dover, Delaware, a town that has expanded to the point of confusion for someone like me, who no longer lives there and upon her return is easily confused by the spread of a once small community. Thank goodness I had Kim directing me. Today, Kim and I had lunch at Grotto’sContinue reading “Visiting old friends”

Words – Interview with Author Kathy Kulig

Robin: Today I am interviewing best-selling author Kathy Kulig. Hi, Kathy, and welcome! I’m so glad to have you here. Kathy: Hi Robin. Thanks so much for having me! Robin: You write and are multi-published in erotic paranormal and contemporary romance. For those readers who don’t know, what makes a romance erotic as opposed toContinue reading “Words – Interview with Author Kathy Kulig”

Words – Interview with Author Karen Katchur

Robin: Today I am interviewing author Karen Katchur. Welcome, Karen. Nice to have you with me. Karen: Hi Robin! Thanks for having me! Robin: Your debut novel, The Secrets of Lake Road, is due out on August 4th from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. How did it feelContinue reading “Words – Interview with Author Karen Katchur”