Hurry Home for Christmas

Hurry Home for Christmas – available now at Amazon & Barnes & Noble

“…sweet, romantic, exciting, wonderful…” Four Stars – JessiAnn, reviewer

Disillusioned, disgruntled and downright cranky, Eve Noel Nolan heads home for Christmas to a hometown she describes as “‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on a saccharine high.” Once there, she remembers why she has avoided the small town in Pennsylvania during the holidays as she is inundated by Christmas cheer and her gregarious, overwhelming family. After some seasonal manipulation by her good-intentioned mother, Eve becomes involved in activities she wouldn’t be caught dead performing in Manhattan, only to discover an aptitude previously unrecognized, a heartfelt connection to the past from which she has hidden, and an undeniable attraction to a handsome man bearing an improbable name.

This heartwarming story is the first in the Connor Falls Christmas Romance series.

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