Why Go It Alone?

This is a blog I did for the website of the writers group I belong to (Pocono Lehigh Writers Group) and I decided to re-post it here since, again, I am way behind on my blogging…

Humans are social by nature…or at least that’s what I’ve always heard. Writers, however, spend much of their time working in their own private spaces, in their own heads, plugging along at a solitary pursuit. No meeting co-workers at the coffee machine or water cooler. No after-hours get-together–probably because their hours of work can vary so drastically depending on life commitments, when the muse comes to call, or that pesky day job. This existence can often lead to anxiety, writer’s block and plain old loneliness. Meeting with a group of people who understand and who share the same love of the written word can be inspiring and uplifting and often leads to elevation of the craft itself. I found what I needed with a particular group of ladies (sisters of the soul, perhaps?) who are now known as the Pocono Lehigh Writers Group. We are, in essence, a family, bound by similar goals, the ability to share thoughts and advice and knowledge, and a friendship that is both earthbound and transcendent.

So here are my ten reasons why writers should flock together, even if it’s only once a month:

1. Social interaction

2. Idea exchange

3. Goal setting

4. Plotting assistance

5. Subtle or mind-blowing inspiration

6. Fresh eyes

7. Learning

8. Expanding your craft

9. News shared with someone who understands how very hard it was for you to get there

10. And, ultimately, lasting friendships

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I am a multi-published author, illustrator and crafter. The creating keeps me sane.