Christmas, anytime

Sometimes I wonder if I start celebrating Christmas too early. I really don’t think there’s such a thing, but yes, that’s me. I start thinking about Christmas in July, I skip over Halloween for the most part, and consider Thanksgiving “Christmas Prelude”. I think Christmas isn’t uppermost in my mind probably from mid-February until the beginning of July, only. And, well, I could be lying.

At any rate, I wanted to share this video, which was my introduction to the incomparable Lindsey Stirling (thank you, Mark!), because my watching it is the start of all things Christmas-y for the year. So, yeah, I watched it in July and haven’t stopped yet. I love her other Christmas music videos and watch them, too, along with the Piano Guys. I’ll put on a bunch of them in a wonderful YouTube line up and go about my business for the day with them playing in the background. Enjoy!